Top Tourist Attractions at World-Famous London Bridge

London Bridge

The London Bridge is still widely recognized as the most iconic structure in this international metropolis, despite the fact that there are many other sights in this city that are popular with tourists.

This bridge was built on the famed River Thames to connect the twin towns of Southwark and London; it is now a well-known landmark in the city center of London. Southwark and London are sometimes referred to as “the twin cities.”

Travelers from all over the world come to the regions that are conveniently located nearby. Visitors create lasting mementos here by taking photographs, which they can later use to brag about having been present at this historically significant spot when touring the United Kingdom.

Remember that, people confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge in London. Here you can learn about Tower Bridge.

Facts Regarding the London Bridge

  • The form of the London Bridge that is in existence today is an updated and reconstructed version of the original bridge that stood for several centuries. In 1973, the replacement was put into operation in order to compete with the traffic in London. Stone arches supported the structure of the first London Bridge, which stood until the early 19th century but was eventually replaced. It is important to bring to the attention of tourists the fact that even London Bridge, which had a stone-built medieval construction that was 600 years old and replaced in the 19th century, had been renovated.
  • London Bridge was the lone link in the chain of roads across the Thames until the opening of Putney Bridge to the public in 1729. London Bridge has been shown and identified in a variety of ways due to it being the oldest and most prominent bridge in the UK.
  • Arizona, The town of London Bridge, has been the subject of numerous movies and documentaries, and it has also been included in a variety of other artistic mediums, such as writing. For instance, the well-known children’s song “London Bridge Is Coming Down” enjoys widespread popularity around the world. The children are prompted to fantasise about going to the historic bridge because of this.

Tourist Attractions of London Bridge

London Bridge

The London Bridge is both a well-known landmark and a popular tourist destination in its own right. Continue reading to learn about further points of interest nearby.

1. The Shard


The Shard, the highest building in London, is a popular destination for tourists who come to experience the height of modern architecture and to dine at the building’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

The sights of London Bridge that may be seen from atop The Shard are also spectacular. Have a romantic evening with your significant other at one of these restaurants and take in the breathtaking views of London Bridge.

2. London Neighborhood

Because the contemporary London Bridge you see today is actually a copy and a metaphorical symbol of the bridge’s existence spanning millennia, it has plenty to offer visitors. Older than the city of London, the surroundings immediately surrounding the bridge are rich in history and deserve to be explored.

The modern landmarks are really attractive, particularly the lively area, which invites tourists to engage in shopping, fantastic dining, and, last but not least, awe-inspiring beverages.

This neighbourhood, which is known for its remarkable urban scenery, is considered to be the core of London as a whole.

3. Tower Of London

Tower of London

The iconic Tower of London, which can be found next to the London Bridge of today, is regarded as one of the most impressive and alluring attractions in all of London, and it draws tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors every single day.

It opens up the floodgates of recollections from years gone by for travellers to reminisce about. Its old fortress also brings up memories of the time of the Norman conquest.

During the course of several centuries, the structure was variously used as a palace, a prison, and a zoo. Because it is the location of the Crown Jewels, it is now considered to be one of the most frequently used tourist destinations in all of London.

4. HMS Belfast


Those who are interested in history will most likely be captivated by the HMS Belfast when they see it near London Bridge. It was a valiant battleship that served in both the Korean War and World War second.

Both of those wars were fought in the 20th century. Visitors to London are now able to examine it because it has been preserved for display. Through the HMS Belfast, which has been preserved for public viewing, one can acquire new and intriguing knowledge regarding the British armed forces.

5. Hay’s Galleria


Hay’s Galleria is a well-known and well-liked monument that is located close to London Bridge. As it starts to rain, many visitors head to this historic warehouse dock to take cover from the elements and to see the building’s remarkable architectural design.

In addition to enjoying some simple fare and a cup of coffee, you can also purchase various items and goods from the stores located in the area. It is in close proximity to a number of bars, cafes, and restaurants, each of which offers a different selection of food.

6. Golden Hinde


Tourists can see the ancient ship Golden Hinde docked close to London Bridge. Since the crew is welcoming, the ship can be explored at any time of the year.

As a floating museum, this vessel calls to mind the amazing feats accomplished by Sir Francis Drake’s flagship, which braved the mighty seas in the 16th century.

7. Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre

A sizeable portion of vacationers attends to literary and cultural events in order to have some good old-fashioned fun. They can’t avoid the Unicorn Theatre, a place where traditional cultural pursuits are taken to a whole new level.

It is recognized as one of the most contemporary of all the theatres established in London, and it is well-known for producing participatory performances that keep the audience members engaged.

All age groups are represented among the tourists that travel to this destination in search of exciting new experiences. You should make reservations for your seats in plenty of time in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute.

8. Old Operating Theatre Museum

The Historic Operating Theatre Museum is a one-of-a-kind destination for learning about the history of medicine and medical advancements in the area of London Bridge. With exhibits ranging from herbal medicines and unsanitary environments to an array of medical supplies and surgical equipment.

This museum serves as a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about the history of medicine and the advancement of medical technology. Any time spent in this museum is guaranteed to be educational.

9. Borough Market

Borough Market

The Borough Market is a must-see for every shopper visiting London. It is not too far to walk from London Bridge to Borough Market, where a wide variety of goods, including unique souvenirs, may be purchased.

It’s a must-visit if you’re in the London area, and not just because of the delicious local and international cuisine.

Getting to London Bridge

It’s not hard to find your way to London Bridge. You can take:

  • From London’s airports (Gatwick, Luton, or St. Pancras International), you can take the train directly to London Bridge Station, where Eurostar services are available.
  • Both the Northern and the Jubilee tube lines connect several areas of London, including the north, south, east, and west.
  • An extensive variety of buses that may carry you to various locations throughout London.
  • On the River Thames, Uber Boat is providing river bus services provided by Thames Clipper.

If you’re in the mood to get some exercise and tour the city on two wheels, the London Bike Rental Scheme has several convenient docking stations.

Hotels in London Bridge

A fantastic location from which to launch excursions throughout the city is London Bridge.

You can make reservations at hotels such as Ibis Styles London Southwark, London Bridge Hotel, the Hilton London Tower Bridge, and the Shangri-La Hotel, a Five-Star Luxury Hotel Located in London’s Shard, all of which are located in close proximity to London Bridge Station.

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